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BP/DS Softball Minor League Rules

Updated June 4, 2018


Games are 6 innings – However, cannot start a new inning after one hour twenty minutes (1:20).


Maximum Run Rule:  5 Runs Per Inning (applies to ALL innings including the last inning).


Maximum 1 walk (or hit batsman) per inning

• After there has been 1 walk (or hit batsman) in an inning, in all subsequent at-bats that inning where the pitcher throws 4 balls (or hits a batter), the manager/coach shall come in to pitch the remainder of the at-bat to his/her own players. The batter inherits the number of strikes the pitcher already threw and either puts the ball in play or strikes out.
• The manager or coach must throw from the 35 foot pitching rubber.
• The umpire will call pitches thrown by the manager/coach.  Managers/coaches can strike out their own players (called or swinging), but cannot walk them.
• The manager or coach ONLY gets a maximum of three (3) hittable pitches as determined by the umpire.  If the batter does not get a hit after 3 hittable pitches, the batter is out.  If the hitter fouls off the third hittable pitch, then the hitter gets another pitch.

Leading and Stealing

• A runner is permitted to leave the base and take a lead after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
• A runner is permitted to steal 2nd and 3rd base.  Runners are not permitted to steal home or 1st base (no dropped 3rd strike rule).
• A team cannot steal more than 4 bases per inning.
• A runner cannot steal more than 1 base per pitch.  There is no advancing of a runner who has stolen a base on an errant or over-throw attempt to catch the runner.  We want catchers to attempt to make the throw so that they can develop that skill.
• A team leading by ten (10) or more runs may not steal unless/until the lead is under ten runs. This rule will not apply in the playoffs.

Live Ball

• Live Ball: The ball remains in play and is live until an infielder has control of the ball in the infield.  . 
• Runners can advance only one base on an overthrow to 1st base. Otherwise, if a fielder overthrows 2nd, 3rd or home, the runner can continue to advance.
• No Infield Fly Rule
• No Dropped Third Strike Rule

Bat Swinging/Bat Throwing/Bunting-Slapping 

• There is no on-deck batter. Only the batter at the plate may have a bat in hand. All other players are to remain at the bench or in the dugout.
• The first three (3) batters each inning and each subsequent batter shall have a helmet on in preparation for her at-bat.
• After hitting the ball, batters must drop the bat and run down the first base line. In the interest of catcher safety, batters cannot throw their bats back towards the catcher/backstop.  If a player throws her bat, her team will receive a warning.  After a team has received a warning, all subsequent bats thrown will be recorded as an out for that batter.
• Players are permitted to bunt/slap.  However, players may not show a bunting position/fake a bunt and then pull back and swing at a pitch.


NO player shall sit out twice until everyone has sat once.  If both teams have 10 players, field 10 players (4 outfielders) so a single player does not have to sit by themselves on the bench.



Outfielders must be positioned no closer than the edge of the outfield grass at the beginning of each pitch.  Outfielders cannot make a force out at a base themselves; they must throw the ball to an infielder to record a force out.  

Batting Order

The batting order is continuous and not affected by substitutions.  Rotate the batting order throughout the season so the same girls are not always at the bottom or the top of the order.


Rotate Players

Rotate the players in the game so they play both infield and outfield.


Pitching Limits

No girl shall pitch more than two (2) innings per game.  We do want to develop pitchers, so we would prefer that your better pitchers do pitch at least once every game.



• It is NEVER acceptable to argue with the umpires.
• Start each game with a friendly conference with the umpire and the other manager.  Agree on the ground rules, strike zone, and any issues that are likely to come up.
• If there are negative or derogatory comments about the umpiring coming from the crowd, it is the responsibility of the manager/coaches to address the issue and put an end to it.
• Please complete the umpire evaluation form after each game and send it to the league director.



Winning team reports the final score to Minor League Director after each game.