To foster children ages four and up to enjoy baseball and softball and develop their skills and sportsmanship

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Our Softball Divisions are organized by a combination of School Grade Level and League Age:

              Coach Pitch Division        1st and 2nd Grade (League Age 6/7 and 8)
              Minors Division                3rd and 4th Grade (League Age 8/9 and 10)
              Majors Division                5th, 6th, and 7th Grade (League Age 10 to 12)
              Upper Divisions               7th Grade and Above (League Age 12 to 18)
Parents who are concerned that their daughter is younger than other players in a particular Division may request that they be allowed to play down one level. 

DSLL does not have a separate Tee Ball division for softball, and girls in this age group (Pre-K, K, and some 1st graders) play with boys in a separate Tee Ball Division.  Please note there is a separate DSLL Registration date for Tee Ball.  Girls who are league age 4, 5, and 6 play at this level.

For further information regarding softball divisions, please refer to the Little League website here.

To determine your daughter's League Age for the Spring 2021 season, refer to the chart below: