To foster children ages four and up to enjoy baseball and softball and develop their skills and sportsmanship

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Equipment requirements are fairly straightforward.  DSLL supplies bases, tees, balls, shirts, and hats.

Glove:  You should look for a youth-sized leather mitt (make sure you know which arm your child uses to throw).  Don't spend too much at the younger ages - soft leather will aid their ability to catch.  Please see this link for a guide to help select a proper glove size by age.  Do not worry too much about position - at the younger ages all players are infielders and outfielders.

Spikes/Cleats:   All-around cleats work here (even soccer cleats).   Make sure they're not metal. 

Baseball Pants:   Grey baseball pants work best. 

Helmet:   DSLL does NOT provide helmets but they are required. 

Bats:  Please see the tab under Little League Rules regarding the Little League Moratorium on composite bats before you buy a bat.  Please refer to this link regarding bat sizes. 

Questions regarding baseball equipment can be referred to